FORT CARSON, Colo. – In the continuing effort to support the warfighter with space-based capabilities, the U.S. Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command’s 1st Space Brigade, 2nd Space Battalion activated a new Army Reserve space company. The Nov. 6 ceremony, held at Fort Carson, will increase the ability of the 1st Space Brigade to better support worldwide Army space operations.

The newly-formed 6th Space Company is primarily made up of Army Space Support Teams, or ARSSTs – six-person teams that provide expertise on space support operations – along with space-related capabilities that make warfighters with boots on the ground more effective and efficient in combat operations.

With the activation of 6th Space Company, there are now three Army Reserve space companies in 2nd Space Battalion.

“The Reserve is almost exclusively responsible for supporting all of the global requirements for the ARSST mission set,” said Lt. Col. Adam Stanley, 2nd Space Battalion commander. “That includes different contingency and operational plans at the joint level in addition to all the tier one level exercises that occur and require that mission-set.”

Newly-formed Army Space Control Planning Teams, or SCPTs, will replace ARSSTs in the active duty 1st Space Battalion, making the ARSSTs exclusive to the Army Reserve.

The creation of SCPT’s is part of the brigade’s plan to better support the needs of the 21st century battlefield.

“SCPT’s focus on planning and integrating the full breadth of offensive and defensive space-control capabilities into schemes of operations, fires and maneuver for Army, joint and coalition forces," said Col. Donald Brooks, commander of 1st Space Brigade said.

Despite these changes, the Army and joint force still need ARRST capabilities. ARSSTs have a more robust skillset versus the smaller, four-person, narrowly-focused SCPTs, said Stanley.

ARSSTs work space situational awareness, commercial imagery downloads, position navigation timing warfare, and a host of other space-related jobs, he added.

For Maj. David Rossheim, 6th Space Company’s new commander, standing up a new space company is an exciting new opportunity for him and his Soldiers.

“It’s an honor to get to serve in this capacity,” Rossheim said. “The Soldiers in SMDC are some of the brightest and most driven I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my career. To get to work alongside them is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. “

The 1st Space Brigade is the only space brigade in the Army and 2nd Space Battalion is the only Army Reserve space battalion.