Army Service Center assists veterans, retirees, family members with human resource inquiries
Joshua Russell (left), team lead, and Benjamin West, Customer Care representative, discuss military-related human resource inquiries in the Army Service Center. (Photo Credit: Master Sgt. LaTonya Kelly, HRC PAO) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT KNOX, Ky. — The Army Service Center falls under The Adjutant General Directorate of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command at Fort Knox.

It is the primary entry point into HRC for military-related human resource inquiries, supporting Soldiers, veterans, family members, civilians and government agencies in their efforts to process and receive military entitlements or benefits.

“HRC consolidated two large service centers to create the ASC,” said Col. Chad Layman, Army Service Center chief. “The ASC team, consisting of Department of the Army civilians and contractors, responds to more than 600,000 phone calls, emails and in-person inquiries annually.”

According to Layman, the ASC achieves a 75% first-contact resolution rate for all inquiries and consults with several agencies to ensure the most accurate answers to customers’ questions by using a variety of automated tools and a strong knowledge management system.

“Every Army Service Center customer deserves quality personnel service and a quick, accurate resolution to their inquiry,” said Parnell Plessl, ASC deputy chief. “This allows Soldiers, families and veterans to better determine their eligibility for potential benefits and entitlements.”

The ASC is not intended to replace the unit’s S-1 personnel center, unit administrator or military human resources professional, according to both Layman and Plessl. Soldiers must understand they should use their chains of command and local resources before requesting any personnel actions through the ASC.

However, the ASC is there to help when needed and point people in the right direction.

Under the ASC is the Veterans Inquiry Branch, which can verify prior military service of veterans. The ASC also functions as the Army Travel Assistance Center and Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS), and provides 24x7 Tier One (initial level of service) information technology support to all customers of the Recruiting Services Network and HRC staff, Layman said.

With the Army moving to the Integrated Personnel Pay System-Army as its primary human resources modernization effort, the ASC will also have a major part in that.

“ASC is currently the Tier One support for IPPS-A, servicing the National Guard since Release Two began in January 2019,” Layman said. “The ASC is currently training with IPPS-A personnel and increasing staff to be ready to support the progression of the IPPS-A application.”

For separated veterans and retirees without access to normal human resource assistance, the ASC is ready to assist by calling 888-276-9472.