U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) Leader’s Guide to Soldier Development

By U.S. Army Forces CommandOctober 15, 2021

The Army and my number one priority is our People, the most important component of Readiness. It is our duty to know and develop our Soldiers and leaders, and build and maintain winning teams.

LEADERS WILL: Lead by example and consistently meet expectations. Always give your best to yourself, your Soldiers, and your Family. Provide honest feedback to ensure realistic expectations and help your Soldiers achieve their full potential. Remain open to feedback, recommendations, and constructive criticism to improve the unit

SOLDIERS WILL: Live in accordance with our Army Values. Be physically fit. Know the mission. Give your best effort, exercise disciplined initiative, and be a team player. Know the standards and enforce them. Never walk past a deficiency. Be disciplined in your life. Ensure your life is balanced across the five dimensions of strength - physical, emotional, social, family and spiritual.

Using this guide, I expect leaders at echelon to prioritize engaged leadership through daily interactions and formal counseling. Moreover I encourage leaders to actively gather critical information from personnel documents and associated agencies to “connect the dots” of their Soldiers’ lives. This effort is decisive in identifying risk and setting conditions for that Soldier’s success.

Leaders will go beyond the superficial discussion that too often characterizes “counseling.” They will ask hard, often uncomfortable questions seeking information and answers that will improve—and possibly save—the lives of their subordinates. Finally, leaders will complement the effort to reduce risk with a corresponding campaign to inspire Soldiers to live the Army Values. Leaders will seek, identify, and emphasize strengths, help Soldiers achieve personal and professional goals, and continue to be an example worthy of emulation. They accomplish this feat through effective counseling. Commanders will institute a counseling training program to ensure all leaders understand how to properly counsel subordinates. Proper counseling is the linchpin to building mutual trust between leader and subordinate and is the focus of this document. Our Soldiers and their leaders will meet the requirements of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

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