AAFES celebrates 114 years of service
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CASEY GARRISON South Korea - The Army and Air Force Exchange Service celebrated its 114 years of service to the military community by giving away $10 gift cards, $10 prepaid telephone cards, 14 percent off coupons, and a number of other events July 24, in the USAG-Casey Post Exchange.

"This is celebrating the 114 years of service AAFES has given to the military community, which started July 25, 1895," said Ken Limtiaco, AAFES general manager, Korea Northern Exchange. "The War Department issued General Order No.46 directing post commanders to establish an exchange at every post, wherever practicable."

The events began with a cake cutting done by Lt. Col. Richard Fromn, USAG-Casey commander and Han Ki-Sal, USAG-Casey Post Exchange manager. During the event, spectators watched while lined up outside of the Post Exchange's entrance hoping to be one of the first 114 customers, because the first 114 would receive free $10 gift certificates and telephone cards. Once the doors opened, the crowd started moving in taking the free cake prizes; including the 14 percent off coupons to anyone who entered within 114 minutes.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., face painting services brought delight to children of service members. But at noon, the event everyone was waiting for, the taco eating contest started.

Soldiers (14 in all) stood at tables piled with 14 mini tacos each. The prize was a $50 AAFES gift card to the first person eating them all. Once the event began, Soldiers chewed down in a messy race to see who could finish eating all of the tacos first. In the end, Staff Sgt. Robert Hart, HHB 6-37 Field Artillery won the $50 gift card, and a full belly in 5 minutes, 21 seconds.

AAFES continues to bring more excitement to the Soldiers and their Families by conducting more events.

The sweepstakes brought a large sum of excitement to the customers.

"I am very excited to have finally won something!" exclaimed Kat Haj, a female former Soldier who won a $50 gift card. Haj also won the Wheel of Fortune by answering the selected question correctly.

In the Wheel of Fortune, contestants had to answer an AAFES related question correctly in order to spin the wheel and receive a prize. Every notch on the wheel was a prize, so anyone who succeeded in answering the question correctly would receive a small gift. This included gift cards ranging from $5-$20, prepaid telephone cards, coupons, and free fragrance testers.

The last event was the essay contest. Contestants were supposed to write an essay consisting of at least 114 words titled "What AAFES means to me." The prize for this event was intended to be a $114 AAFES gift card. Unfortunately, no participants entered an essay for this event in time for the drawing, so the prize was never awarded.