SDDC Surface Warrior selected as Dellamonica Award winner

By Johnathon OrrellSeptember 24, 2021

Graphic of award recipient
The U.S. Army Materiel Command recently awarded Lt. Col. Scott Wyatt, from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s 598th Transportation Brigade, the 2020 Louis Dellamonica Award. (Courtesy Illustration) (Photo Credit: Kimberly Spinner) VIEW ORIGINAL

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. - The U.S. Army Materiel Command recently awarded Lt. Col. Scott Wyatt, from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s 598th Transportation Brigade, the 2020 Louis Dellamonica Award.

The Dellamonica Award is presented to those personnel throughout the AMC enterprise who have shown the highest level of performance in leadership, innovation and dedication to the mission.

Wyatt was nominated by his commander, Col. Joshua Hirsch, for being an exceptionally skilled transportation professional and consummate leader.

“He has everything we seek in our Army's finest officers. He knows how to bring diverse teams of people together and bring out the best in them to accomplish the most demanding missions,” said Hirsch.

“Whether they're Soldiers, Army civilians or local national employees, people actively seek out Lt. Col. Wyatt for his knowledge, judgment and for the way he inspires everyone around him. He really exemplifies everything the Louis Dellamonica Award represents for our community,” he added.

According to a release by U.S. Army Materiel Command, those selected for the Dellamonica award are judged based on how their initiatives “measurably improve or increase the quality of their own work; and how well they are viewed by peers, subordinates and supervisors.”

These identifiers are why Hirsch nominated Wyatt.

"He is selfless in the best sense of the word, continually focused on making others succeed and making his unit better,” said Hirsch.

“To even be considered, much less selected, for the Louis Dellamonica Award is truly humbling,” Wyatt said.

“It's never about him. It's always about the people he serves with and what he can do to help them become better logisticians, transporters and leaders,” added Hirsch. “And that approach extends to the families and the communities wherever he has served. He's one of those leaders who is always engaged and always searching for ways he can have a positive impact on the larger Army community."

Wyatt said that being selected for the award reflected more on the success of his people and his team than on him.

“To me, it means that AMC and SDDC leadership value a team-first mentality that focuses on mission and purpose over individual accomplishments. This award highlights that there is a place in this Army for people who are not afraid to challenge the status quo in order to find a way to ‘yes’, promoting that it takes a bottom-up approach and a total team effort to solve hard problems; that as the environment and mission evolve, we are at our best when we work as a cohesive team to think differently; challenging ‘the way we have always done it’ to knock down obstacles and road blocks in order to innovate so we can better support our strategic objectives and expand the enterprise,” said Wyatt.

“Family and community deserve special thanks,” he added. “Serving as a leader in the remote Darby Military Community helped me realize how important it is for commanders and leaders to be active voices for our families, especially in remote or overseas locations. All of us who serve miss birthdays, anniversaries, sports competitions, and other important events because of the mission.”

“But, when we stay involved in our communities, pushing for resources, support, and opportunities for our families, we honor their sacrifice. My family and the families at Camp Darby motivated me to fight on their behalf. It made me a better person, officer, husband and father, and I'm thankful for their continued support,” he added.

Since being nominated for the Dellamonica Award, Wyatt has moved on from the 598th and SDDC, was selected for promotion to Colonel, and currently serves as deputy commander of the 7th Transportation Brigade – Expeditionary at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia.