CALL Insider Newsletter 3rd QTR, FY21

By Center for Army Lessons LearnedJuly 6, 2021

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No, you’re not seeing things and no, the CALL director is not a civilian position now. As the CALL deputy, I am wearing a couple hats this summer while we wait for the new director to arrive. As you can imagine, we are very engaged during this transition period, with collections ongoing and our work on publications focused on providing you with relevant and timely information from the field. You should be seeing our lessons and observations from recent Warfighter exercises in the coming days (they just missed the deadline for this issue). We are also sending analysts in support of Defender Pacific 21 later this month, conducting exit interviews with Security Force Assistance Brigade leaders, and have planned several engagements with partners/allies over the next few months. You also need to be aware that we are moving our public website from the legacy to Army CORE ( You can read more about this change on page 3. We believe this will provide you with a more user-friendly platform. Please let us know if we can improve this experience.

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