Rosemary Stone is the Fort Sill Military Housing Resident Advocate. As RA, she assists service members and their families with housing matters and represents on their behalf with community partners/agencies both on and off the installation. (Photo Credit: Fort Sill Tribune staff) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT SILL, Oklahoma (July 12, 2021) -- The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 mandated that the Department of Defense provide service members with a tenant or resident advocate (RA).

Fort Sill Military Housing has recently assigned the role of resident advocate to Rosemary Stone, Directorate of Public Works housing managing specialist.

Resident advocates are employed by the Army to assist service members and their families with housing matters, and represent on their behalf with community partners/agencies on and off the installation.

In her role as RA, Stone works with Corvias Management Army, LLC., who is the property manager here; Sill Communities, the landlord; the Fort Sill Military Housing Chief, Romeo Montez, and garrison leadership.

“I have recently started providing the Plain-Language brief and briefing the Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights to incoming Fort Sill residents,” Stone said.

The Tenant Bill of Rights is a huge effort to ensure military families are taken care of and understand their rights, she said.

The first right states, “You have the right to reside in a housing unit and a community that meets applicable health and environmental standards.”

Other rights include the right to report inadequate housing standards without fear of reprisal.

Stone provides in-person briefs to families at Corvias’s Southern Plains Community Center Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. She is available to address any issues or concerns families may have.

“When a service member and their family comes to the Military Housing Office we make it our goal to address their concerns and provide consistent communication and transparency,” she said.

There are 1,813 privatized homes on Fort Sill, Stone said.

As RA, Stone works to ensure the 18 Tenant Bill of Rights are understood by incoming families.

“The 18 rights are about making housing better for military families,” Stone said. “I let them know their rights, and entitlements.”

Right No. 7 entitles service members and military families access to the resident advocate, or a military legal assistance attorney through the Military Housing Office of the installation.

Another right introduces the informal and formal dispute resolution process, Stone said.

The process starts with the resident attempting to resolve housing issues with Corvias.  If the resident remains unsatisfied, then the informal dispute is initiated. A request form is completed, then Corvias management and Col. Rhett Taylor, Fort Sill Garrison commander, are notified.

The garrison commander serves as a mediator between Corvias and the resident.  Issues are typically resolved within 10 days, according to an RA brochure.

“We always follow-up with the resident to see if they are satisfied,” Stone said.

To reach Stone, email rosemary.stone9.civ@mail, or call 580-442-3478. The Military Housing Office is at 5446 Greble Road, south of Freedom Elementary School.