NSSC Senior Commander's July 4th Holiday Safety Message

By Natick Soldier Systems Center Public AffairsJuly 2, 2021

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During this time of year, we celebrate the Army’s and America’s birthdays in the span of a few short weeks. Our Nation’s Founders ensured that was not an accident as the Continental Army provided them with the foundation to declare independence and create the United States of America.

On Sunday, July 4th, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which still inspires Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guardians to stand ready to defend our freedom at home and abroad. You are important to enabling and supporting our Warfighters – thank you for what you do every day to equip our Warfighters with what they need to carry out their missions!

The Fourth of July holiday also begins a historically more dangerous season for Army off-duty accidents. Many have been at home for more than a year without celebrating with Family and friends. This celebration requires reestablishing routine vigilance to hazards and recognizing that old routines that kept us safe may need to be relearned.

People first includes safety. Please keep safety hazards in mind so you can celebrate responsibly. Many water fatalities occur within an arms’ reach of safety. Swim in supervised areas and obey all rules and posted signs. Ensure proper life jackets are readily available and get out of the water when bad weather threatens. Never drink alcohol while driving, boating, operating any machinery or especially when you are accountable for others.

Finally, be aware that laws regarding fireworks differ by state and local municipality. In Massachusetts, fireworks are strictly illegal.  They can not be transported to Massachusetts, even if purchased legally elsewhere. If you are in an area where they are legal, exercise good personal risk management around them, including the use of personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits.

Visit https://safety.army.mil for tools to assist with managing risk, both on and off duty.

I wish your family and you a happy and safe Fourth of July. Enjoy friends, family, and celebrating our Nation’s birthday with pride, while remaining responsible and reducing risk.

Army Safe is Army Strong!

BG David Trybula

NSSC Senior Commander

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