2021 Hall of Fame Inductee

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1969)

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1969 Virginia Tech’s Distinguished Military Graduate, Col. (R) Robert “Bob’ Archer commissioned into the Adjutant General Corps of the U.S. Army.

His initial assignment was with the 82nd Airborne Division. He served in the Division HQ in the Administrative Services Division and, in addition to other duties, served as the Division Top Secret Control Officer. Later, he served in the Personnel Services Division, which manages all personnel records and actions for the Division. Between jumping from perfectly good aircraft, participating in joint service exercises, and taking part in two national civil disturbances, his experience was varied and prepared him for future military and civilian careers.

Archer deployed to Vietnam in October 1971 and served as platoon leader and executive officer for the 544th Replacement Company, 22nd Replacement Battalion, Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam until 1972. It was a serious and sobering experience, where he witnessed the impact on young Soldiers who were thrown into a war for 12 months with little unit integrity.

In 1973, Archer left active duty and entered service with the U.S. Army Reserve, serving as Assistant Adjutant and Public Affairs Officer for the 2174th U.S. Army Garrison (U.S. Army Reserve Center), Salem, Virginia. The unit’s mission was to, when mobilized due to emergency, activate Fort Pickett located in Blackstone, Virginia in preparation for receiving new Soldiers for training.

In 1983, Archer transferred to the Selective Service System which is a “stand-alone” agency that reports directly to the President of the United States. The primary mission of this agency is to register all 18-year-old males and conduct a fair and equitable draft in the event of a manpower need by the military due to a national emergency. Archer served in several positions with the Selective Service System, including Commander of Selective Service System Detachment 2-15. Although the mission was administrative in nature, it was and is critical to our nation’s safety and readiness in the event of a national emergency.

During his service, Archer attained the rank of colonel. In 1999, he retired from the U.S. Army Reserves and the Selective Service System after 30 years of military service.

About the Army ROTC Hall of Fame

The ROTC Hall of Fame was established in 2016 as part of the ROTC Centennial celebration. The first class (2016) inducted 326 former ROTC Cadets who had distinguished themselves in their military or civilian career.

The Hall of Fame honors graduates of the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps who have distinguished themselves in military or civilian pursuits. It provides a prestigious and tangible means of recognizing and honoring Army ROTC Alumni who have made lasting, significant contributions to the Nation, the Army and the history and traditions of the Army ROTC Program.

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