20-16 - Defense of the Cajun Bayou

By Center for Army Lessons LearnedJune 3, 2020

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Brigades that come to the Joint Readiness Training Center will fight a brigade fight. Every unit, regardless of echelon or component, from the squad through the battalion, from infantry to military police to transportation to aviation, will leave better than it arrived after enduring the crucible training event here in Louisiana. However, small unit training can occur anywhere. The swamps and humid heat of Fort Polk offer a unique opportunity. Through rotational design and observer, coach/trainer coaching, brigades can focus on their role in shaping deep, synchronizing maneuver, allocating resources, and setting the conditions necessary for battalions to succeed in both the offense and defense. This book is an effort to reach units prior to their arrival in Louisiana by giving them realistic scenarios to think about while following the Cajun Brigade through the planning and execution of a defense.

As you read what we have provided, take note of the guidance the brigade commander provides his staff. Watch the staff focus on achieving the commander's guidance through its planning sessions. Study how the staff primaries take an active role in their struggle to understand and apply that guidance. Empathize with them as they do it all under the duress and tyranny of time. Throughout, we have attempted to give you an opportunity to take an active role. Enjoy! We will see you at leader professional training.

Special thanks to MAJ Benjamin Culver, MAJ Ian Fleischmann, MAJ Thomas Whitehead, CPT Brendan Forrester, and CPT Andrew Heath for the hard work, research, and patience on this project. They witness the struggles associated with the brigade fight every rotation. They weave their observations into the story you are about to read.

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