20-15 - FY19 Mission Command Training in Large-Scale Combat Operations Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) Key Observations

By Center for Army Lessons LearnedApril 15, 2020

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Since 1986, the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) has facilitated the training objectives and captured observations at the echelons above brigade (EAB)-level for the operating force. For the past several years, the Army has focused its training on large-scale combat operations (LSCO). In accordance with the Chief of Staff of the Army’s training guidance, MCTP conducted five multi-echelon warfighter exercises (WFXs), six brigade-level WFXs, and three Army Service component command (ASCC) exercises during fiscal year 2019 (FY19). Together, these exercises met the training objectives of more than 60 units and provided unique training opportunities to more than 200 EAB headquarters.

The information in this bulletin comprises recent observations from WFXs in a LSCO environment. Our authors are a collaborative group of experienced leaders, noncommissioned officers (NCOs), chief warrant officers, and officer observer-coach/trainers (OC/Ts), working in conjunction with our highly qualified expert/senior mentors.

We’d like to thank the 21 retired general officers who contributed their unique insights and wealth of experience: GEN (R) David McKiernan, GEN (R) Daniel Allyn, LTG (R) David Hogg, LTG (R) Michael Tucker, LTG (R) David Fridovich, LTG (R) David Valcourt, LTG (R) Jeffrey Buchanan, MG (R) Walter Golden, MG (R) Richard Longo, MG (R) Bryan Watson, MG (R) Tom Richardson, MG (R) Gregory Couch, MG (R) Edward Dorman, MG (R) Scott Zobrist, BG (R) William ‘Bill’ Wolf, BG (R) Louis Weber, BG (R) Robin Akin, BG (R) John Seward, BG (R) Paul Laughlin II, BG (R) John Novalis II, and BG (R) William Turner.

This publication provides an overview of the top seven collective trends organized by echelon of command and warfighting function, with additional emphasis on the integration of U.S. Air Force assets, special operations forces (SOF), and cyberspace electromagnetic activities (CEMA). NCO utilization observations are also included to help facilitate the integration of NCOs into our command posts. Our goal is to increase the readiness of units to plan, prepare, fight, and win in any environment. Winning matters!

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