Army implements full Tenant Bill of Rights at 36 installations

By U.S. Army Public AffairsJune 9, 2021

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army has fully implemented all 18 elements of the Tenant Bill of Rights at 36 out of 44 Army installations that have privatized family housing. Furthermore, the Army expects to add an additional installation to the list by the end of the week. The remaining installations have implemented at least 15 of the rights, with the last three elements (universal lease, dispute resolution and rent segregation) expected to be implemented by the end of July 2021.

In the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress required the Secretary of Defense, in concert with the secretaries of the military departments, to create a Tenant Bill of Rights and ensure its implementation by the private housing companies that own and manage homes on military installations.

"The Army obtained agreement on implementing all of the Tenant Bill of Rights at 82% of our installations so far, and will continue to work toward implementing the remaining tenant rights at the other installations," said J.E. ‘Jack’ Surash, acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment. "People are our No. 1 priority, and enacting these rights will improve the quality of life of our Soldiers and their families."

In addition to the tenant rights, a plain language brief is given to every new tenant at lease signing, and again at the 30-day mark, by their Army housing offices to clearly explain the tenants’ rights. This program is in place at all installations.

"Our Soldiers and families deserve safe, high-quality housing," said Surash. "We will continue to encourage our residents to provide feedback through online tenant satisfaction surveys and town hall meetings, and to report housing issues through the Army Housing Online User Services app, our 24/7 telephone hotline and through their local housing offices."

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