21-06 - NTC: Preparing for Large-Scale Combat

By National Training CenterJanuary 26, 2021

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The purpose of this handbook is to set forth the "how to fight" concept and commensurate training techniques at echelon that allow units to succeed at the NTC. Units that win routinely exhibit the following four common characteristics:

  • Lethal squads, crews, and platoons that win at the point of contact.
  • Small units that effectively understand where, how, and when to transition from movement to maneuver to gain positions of advantage over the enemy.
  • Commanders, at echelon, that personally drive the operations process.
  • Units that win at the NTC have staffs, at echelon, which can integrate and synchronize the warfighting functions to constantly shape the fight and enable lethal units to win.

We specifically designed this handbook to help units at echelon understand an operational environment, develop tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for success, and better understand how to train for this environment at home station. By combining the lessons in this handbook with the Army’s current training strategies, units training at home station will arrive at the NTC better prepared to conduct LSCO against a near-peer threat.

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