JMC Leads the Way in Redefining the Munitions Requirements Development Process
JMC and Crane Army Ammunition Activity ensure prioritized investment supports the ability to surge and meet outload requirements. A Crane Army employee stages ammunition transport containers to be loaded with munitions and shipped to warfighters. (Photo Credit: Crane Army Ammunition Activity) VIEW ORIGINAL

In alignment with the Army’s focus on readiness, the Joint Munitions Command is leading the way to create a common operating picture of munitions requirements across the enterprise. The common operating picture will synchronize and prioritize resources in accordance with the goals and priorities of the Army, Army Materiel Command, and JMC.

The JMC Resource Management Directorate is currently working across three platforms to synchronize and prioritize requirements in an effort to gain perspective and make more informed decisions in terms of contract requirements, out-year planned requirements, and financial execution management.

JMC is creating a holistic picture of enterprise out-year planned budgetary needs, which will analyze cross-budget impacts and allow for reprioritization of requirements based on analysis. This ensures that the right requirements are resourced to move JMC into the future. In connection with that, JMC is currently implementing a financial execution review process, which will compare planned requirements with actual execution, to validate that expenditures align with prioritized budget needs.

JMC also stood up a contract integration cell, which is working across the enterprise to develop a comprehensive picture of all contracted requirements. This will provide greater visibility to all stakeholders throughout the contracting process, create a proactive approach to contract requirements, and enable consolidation of requirements across the enterprise.

As an organization, JMC is pursuing a deliberate, universal approach to requirements development, which will allow senior leaders to detect gaps, mitigate funding shortfalls, and align resources appropriately, ensuring good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. As JMC moves into the future, these efforts will work cooperatively to provide better buying power for the Army.