Lyster marks year of changes due to COVID

By Janice Erdlitz, Lyster Army Health ClinicMarch 24, 2021

March marks the one-year anniversary of notable changes due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Through the efforts of the Lyster Army Health Clinic team, staff and patients witnessed improved safety protocols for screening and social distancing, COVID testing, virtual health services, drive-thru pharmacy, vaccination efforts, and more.

Lyster wanted to recognize the team’s effort over the last year with a special photography exhibit to commemorate their experiences. The team was treated to light refreshments while they took a photographic look back over the last year. The exhibit, “Remembering the Moments That Made a Difference” featured over 300 photos chronicling the past year's highlights. Part of the photo exhibit also showcased a timeline of significant dates Lyster encountered, ranging from the day the mask mandates were implemented, to the historic first vaccine given at Lyster.

Members of the Lyster team were asked how they felt looking back over the last year. Barbara Brown, with the Resource Management Department, remarked, “The staff has risen to the occasion and done what’s necessary. COVID caused us to become innovative in our processes.”

Other staff members expressed how much has changed in such a short amount of time. Many noted the stark difference social distancing has had on the clinic. Some staff remembered the day the “footprints” were placed around the clinic to notate the safe 6’ distances to stand from another person. Team members also reflected on the highs and lows they have experienced since the pandemic started.

Darlene Reynolds, with the Medical Company, shared “a time like this; it builds loyalty, commitment, and long-lasting teams.”

A look back over the year with Lyster:

·        March 17, 2020: LAHC begins COVID external screenings to include temperature checks.

·        March 20, 2020: LAHC went to HPCON Bravo.

·        March 20, 2020: Pharmacy opens drive-thru to reduce foot traffic inside the clinic.

·        March 23, 2020: Primary Care Clinic routine appointments are halted.

·        March 25, 2020: LAHC went to HPCON Charlie.

·        April 9, 2020: Lab started in-house COVID testing.

·        June 8, 2020: LAHC hosts the first virtual Change of Command on post via Microsoft Teams.

·        September 14, 2020: LAHC opens COVID/Respiratory Clinic.

·        December 23, 2020: LAHC administers their 1st COVID vaccine.

“Looking back over the year, and being a part of what will be viewed as a significant moment in history, Lyster staff can be proud of all they accomplished in providing care to the Fort Rucker community and doing their part to end the pandemic,” remarked, LTC Danielle Rodondi, Lyster Commander.

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Lyster marks a year of changes due to COVID
Lyster hosted a photo exhibit, “Remembering the Moments That Made a Difference” featuring over 300 photos chronicling the past years’ highlights to commemorate the staff's experiences during COVID. (Photo Credit: Janice Erdlitz) VIEW ORIGINAL