WASHINGTON (Army News Service, March 28, 2007) - The Army has created a new pin to emphasize the continuing bond between the Army and its almost 800 thousand retired Soldiers.

The pin is the Army logo headed by the word "Retired." The new pin is larger than its predecessor and clearly identifies the wearer as part of the Army.

Mailing of the pin with a letter from the Army Chief of Staff and Sergeant Major of the Army began March 26 and will continue for about four months. The packet includes information on the Army Strong campaign and the $2,000 recruiting referral bonus for retired Soldiers, plus an "Army Retired" window sticker.

"We\'re asking retired Soldiers to wear their retired pins proudly. We want them to wear their new pin to show pride in their past service, and as a 'call to service' for others in the community," said John Radke, chief of Army Retirement Services.

"We know that most communities are far from an Army post. Many young people have no living relatives who served in the military," he said. "The retired Soldiers in their town could be their first personal contact with the Army. The new pins will make our retired Soldiers easy to find."

The Army Chief of Staff's Retiree Council proposed the pin's creation at their annual meeting last April.

(Laura Paul works for Army Retirement Services.)