Army announces release of Arctic Strategy

By U.S. Army Public AffairsMarch 16, 2021

WASHINGTON - Today the U.S. Army announced the release of its Arctic strategy, “Regaining Arctic Dominance.” This strategy lays out how the Army will generate, train, organize and equip our forces to partner with Arctic allies and secure our national interests and maintain regional stability. The release of this strategy is timely, especially given increasing levels of great power competitor activities in the Arctic region. Operating in the Arctic allows the Army to powerfully project our forces to enhance our ability to respond in competition, crisis and/or conflict.

The Arctic, a vital area containing many of our nation’s natural resources and key shipping channels, is a platform for projecting global power and a possible avenue of attack in conflict. This enhanced Arctic capability will increase the Army’s ability to operate in extreme cold-weather, mountainous and high-latitude environments and supports the DoD’s Arctic Strategy, which was issued in June 2019.

“The Arctic is an opportunity to rapidly employ the speed, range and convergence of cutting-edge technologies being developed for Multi-Domain Operations to strengthen our deterrence capabilities in the region,” said Gen. James McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army.

To regain the Army’s Arctic dominance, the strategy communicates objectives and plans such as:

  • The Army will establish a Multi-Domain enabled operational two-star headquarters with specially trained and equipped combat brigades to increase our cold-weather dominance.
  • The Army will improve the materiel readiness of Arctic-capable units to conduct extended operations in the Arctic region.
  • The Army will improve individual and collective training of our forces to operate in the region as well as other mountainous and high-altitude environments.
  • The Army will improve the quality of life for our Soldiers, civilians and families who live and work in installations and facilities in the Arctic region.

To read the unclassified version of the Arctic Strategy, click here.

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