CAMP TAJI, Iraq - The Adjutant Generals Corps, the Army's "go-to" branch for nearly all things related to personnel, celebrated its 234th birthday here June 13 at an event hosted by 10th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers.

"June 16, marks the day that the AG was created, with the commission of Horatio Gates as a brigadier general, the first officer commissioned after George Washington, over 230 years ago," said 1st Lt. Tamara O'Neal, a native of Augusta, Ga., who read the history of the AG Corps during a dinner ceremony.

O'Neal also read, "From 1839 to 1900, only West Point graduates could serve as adjutants general, since only the AG could speak for commanders," she said. The ceremony began with a series of toasts, each one celebrating the Army, Soldiers, the 10th Sustainment Brigade and the AG Corps.

Following the toasts, the reading of the AG corps history highlighting accomplishments of the branch since 1775.

"Today's Adjutant Generals Corps is at the forefront of transforming the way the Army manages its most important resource-people," she added. After the history of the corps was read, the ceremony's guest speaker, Col. Steven L. Shea, took the stand spoke of the current trend of the corps, and where the Army is transforming or redesigning its personnel field in the future. "The Army is making it easier to train, organize and mobilize its AG Soldiers," he said. "With this new organization method, we will be able to provide greater service to more people with the number of personnel we currently have."