2021 Army Logistics Awards to be held all-virtual

By Army G-4February 11, 2021

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The Army is adapting the way it holds the annual logistics competition for 2021, moving from in-person evaluations to a virtual process in order to provide all units with an opportunity to participate and ensure that they can do so in compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

The Chief of Staff of the Army Combined Logistics Excellence Awards (CLEA) is an annual competition that consists of the Award for Army Maintenance (AAME), Deployment Excellence Award (DEA), and the Supply Excellence Award (SEA) Programs. The programs focus on sustaining readiness in maintenance, deployment operations, and supply and support operations. The FY2021 CLEA will continue to focus on readiness, however, due to the virtual nature of this year’s CLEA, there will be slight differences in how units compete and are evaluated for each of the three awards, after submitting initial nominations packets.

  • FY21 AAME Program: AAME competitors will be evaluated based on a PowerPoint presentation they submit about their unit’s command maintenance discipline. Then units will be questioned and evaluated in real-time via Microsoft Teams.
  • FY21 SEA Program: Units competing for the SEA will provide an in-brief utilizing Microsoft Teams, and then they will be required to assemble their functional area team(s) to be evaluated on supply operations, MOS acumen and competency within their prescribed Accountable Property System of Record (APSR).
  • FY21 DEA Program: DEA competitors units will participate in a validation process via Microsoft Teams.

For more information about the FY21 CLEA, click here.