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FORT HOOD, Texas -- After 15 years of being the center of all things Army education, the GoArmyEd portal will be no more.

Since April 2006, GoArmyEd has been the Army’s online gateway for Tuition Assistance requests, online management of Soldiers’ college education classes and programs, and a portal providing access to all that the Army Continuing Education System offers.

On Feb. 12, GoArmyEd will have a permanent sunset, leading to the migration of the Army’s new education system, ArmyIgnitED.

“Over the past 15 years, Army Education has grown beyond the capabilities of the GoArmyEd platform,” Michael Engen, Fort Hood education services officer, said. “This is the primary reason for the development and launch of ArmyIgnitED.”

ArmyIgnitED will enhance the user experience by making transactions more intuitive, and will reduce the number of clicks and actions required to process various requests, Engen says. It will allow for the implementation of an automated Credentialing Assistance program, which will mirror the approach taken by the Tuition Assistance program. The new CA/TA process will reduce the touch points of a client’s request for funding and enhance the approval process.

“One of the most common reasons that Soldiers cite for their decision to join the Army are the education benefits that are available to them” Engen said. “Through the ArmyIgnitED

portal, these many Army Education programs and services will be easier to access, and should contribute to higher rates of participation and academic attainment.”

With the end of the GoArmyEd portal looming closer, all Soldiers are encouraged to proceed with the activation of their ArmyIgnitED Portal account.

As of Jan. 27, 9,554 Fort Hood Soldiers had an active GoArmyEd account, and only 2,596 had activated an ArmyIgnitED account.

GoArmyEd will migrate its information to ArmyIgnitED after it’s deactivation on February 12th. Due to the migration, the ArmyIgnitED program will be offline from Feb. 25 thru March 8. This will affect the ability to process TA/CA requests during that timeframe.

All TA requests will be paused on Feb. 12, while CA requests will be paused on Feb. 25. Both request processes will resume on March 8, through ArmyIgnitED.

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All pending non-Letter of Instruction TA Requests that have not been approved by an army education counselor in GoArmyEd prior to Feb. 12 will be transferred to ArmyIgnitED for processing and approval; however, the system will reject non-LOI TA requests if they were not approved prior to the start date of the class.

“I am a firm believer that the Army has a moral imperative to ensure that all Soldiers leave the Army as a better person than when they first joined our ranks,” Engen said, “and active participation in Army Education Programs and Services will contribute to this cause.”

He added, “As I like to say, an Army of students is America’s best defense, and the Fort Hood Education Center is standing ready to contribute to the professional growth and personal development of our Soldiers.”

Soldiers can activate their ArmyIgnitED account by visiting and selecting “Get Started”.

For more information, contact the Fort Hood Education office at 254-287-4824 or visit