ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS, Md. – Advancements in U.S. Army technology can give Soldiers an edge in an ever-changing operational environment, supporting the warfight.To that end, nearly 20 Maryland Army National Guard Soldiers recently tested the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) to measure the effects of image intensifier tube imbalance for both target identification and depth perception. The tests were conducted at the Army Research Lab – Human Resources and Engineering Directorate facility in Aberdeen Proving Ground.The ENVG-B enables the Army’s combat forces to observe and maneuver in all weather, through obscurants, during limited visibility, and under all lighting conditions.The Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, is conducting research and development for the Army and works closely with many Department of Defense organizations and other government agencies to increased capabilities for end-users.“We were asked to examine some effects of different qualities of the night vision goggles,” said Josh Rubinstein, senior research psychologist with the Data and Analysis Center. “We designed a study looking at perceptual target identification and depth perception.”During the target identification test, MDARNG Soldiers attempted to name various flat images on flip cards and gave verbal responses to measure response time and accuracy. The task was repeated several times using different images.The Howard-Dolman Apparatus was used for the depth perception test. MDARNG Soldiers judged the distance of two rods sitting about 20 feet away.Paul Fedele, a physical scientist with the Army Research Laboratory, helped MDARNG Soldiers administer both tests in the dark. The tests established basic operational parameters for the ENVG-B system.“We’re extremely appreciative of the Maryland National Guard,” said Rubinstein. “They are helping us test the equipment and providing us with the Soldiers to complete the study. The caliber of effort that I’ve seen with the Maryland National Guard has been exceptional.”For more National Guard newsNational Guard FacebookNational Guard Twitter