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As more and more Army employees are teleworking nowadays, away from traditional government places of duty, good all-around network security and telework practices become even more vital.

Here are some good guidelines and tips:

-- Always use your organization's approved communication and collaboration methods for official business

-- Always use organization-approved file sharing services and capabilities to share files

-- Don't use government-furnished equipment for personal or non-essential activities such as social networking, audio and video streaming or online shopping

-- Remember that government-furnished equipment is for official government use only and should not be used only by authorized users

-- Do not add unauthorized hardware or software to government-owned computers

-- Study and follow the Acceptable Use Policy for government systems

-- Don't leave video collaboration tools such as video, voice or email connected or running when they're not actively in use

-- Reboot computers prior to establishing a VPN connection

-- Keep systems updated with the latest updates and security patches

-- Configure home Wi-Fi according to best practices for maximum security

-- Create a strong, unique password and network name for your Wi-Fi

-- When given the option, use added security authentication factors in addition to passwords

-- Remember to log off, remove Common Access Cards and lock machines when they are not in active use

-- Be careful to maintain good physical security of government-furnished equipment

-- Work offline whenever possible

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