FORT KNOX, Ky. — A familiar site is taking shape this week in time for the start of the Christmas season.Organizational Christmas cards are starting to appear around Brooks Parade Field as various units, organizations and municipalities deliver them to be set up.A new theme unique to 2020 has appeared on some of the cards, too, and rumors of a very shy visitor hauling a Christmas tree toward his mysterious home. Fort Knox officials say they can neither confirm nor deny the presence of the visitor, but can confirm that judging for the cards will start Dec. 1 in the following categories: Military Units; Fort Knox Civilian Agencies; Schools/Children-Related Agencies; and, Off-Post Civilian Agencies.Judging for the People’s Choice Award will begin Nov. 25 and end a week later. Those interested in participating in that category can go to Fort Knox’s official Facebook page at, view the images, and vote for their favorite.All five category winners will be announced at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Dec. 4.