FORT STEWART, Ga Safety is everyone's responsibility and the Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade made sure each of their Soldiers knew it when it held a safety stand-down day for all its troops.

The day started off in good spirits by having a casual dress down day for all the Soldiers in the battalion. Each Soldier was allowed to wear their casual clothes to work for donating three dollars toward the battalion fundraiser.

The day continued with good news when Company A, STB, 3rd Sustainment Brigade received its 180-day DUI-free streamer for their guidon.

Soldiers then met back at the award-winning Provider Dining Facility for classes on everything from sexual assault prevention to motorcycle safety awareness to fireworks safety, and everything in between.

The Soldiers agreed that it was an all around good day and the classes reminded them how to stay safe during work and on their off time.

"The day started off good simply because we got to dress down today," said Spc. Joshua Fillingane, combat medic for the 3rd Sustainment Bde. "It's always nice to be able to change things up and be a little more comfortable at work. The day just got better after the streamer and great safety stand-down."

Soldiers enjoyed the down time and said they really learned a lot from the safety classes that day.

"There was a lot of good information taught," said Spc. Dallars Way, STB, 3rd Sustainment Bde. Soldier. "It's good to get these classes, even as a refresher. Staying safe is a full time job."