Lyster Offers Low-Cost Hearing Aid Program for Retirees

By Janice Erdlitz, Lyster Army Health Clinic, Public Affairs OfficerOctober 28, 2020

Retirees enrolled to Lyster Army Health Clinic may be eligible for hearing aids at a substantially reduced cost through the Retiree-at-Cost Hearing Aid Program, also known as RACHAP.

The program provides retirees the opportunity to buy hearing aids at significant savings.

“We are able to get retirees and their dependents premium level hearing aids for a government rate that ranges from $900-$1,100, which provides a significant savings for our retirees” said Dr. Jamie Crook, licensed clinical Audiologist at Lyster.

Lyster is even able to offer options when picking out the appropriate hearing aid, including state-of-the-art remote controls and Bluetooth accessories.

Retirees who wish to make an appointment with the Audiology Clinic need to first be registered at Lyster. Registration can be completed by calling the Patient Administrative Division (PAD) at (334) 255-7835.

Once registered, retirees can make an appointment to see an Audiologist for a full audiological evaluation and discuss amplification options.

“This is a great program for our beneficiaries and thrilled we are able to continue offering it year after year,” said Captain Stacie Ueckert, Chief of Audiology. The hearing aids are the same state-of-the art technologies available to active duty service members.

Current service members can protect themselves against future hearing loss by following these protective measures:

  • Minimize exposure to noisy environments.
  • Wear hearing protection.
  • Protect the head to prevent trauma or injury.
  • Have regular hearing check-ups.

If you are currently enrolled at Lyster and have specific questions regarding RACHAP or wish to make an audiology appointment, please call the Lyster Audiology Clinic at (334) 255-7185.

To view other locations that offer the RACHAP, visit .

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