The Technology Experimentation and Characterization Field Trials (TECFT) is underway at West Desert Test Center (WDTC). The two-week event includes testing at WDTC’s Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel (JABT), the Active Standoff Chamber (ASC) and Target S.

Built on the success of previous S/K Challenge events conducted at Dugway Proving Ground, TECFT allows cost-effective testing of detection technologies with chemical and biological simulants, as well as a number of interferents.

“Sometimes the cost of testing can be prohibitive and stall the advancement of new technologies,” said WDTC Test Officer Adam Drochner, who is the DPG lead for TECFT. “Our outdoor chamber and field testing allows participants to demonstrate, evaluate and collect data on their detection systems in a controlled environment that is representative of a real-world threat.”

TECFT was originally scheduled to take place in June, but was pushed to October because of travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. Even with a postponed start, COVID-19 forced several participants to cancel. A total of seven teams, including six government agencies and one private industr participated in October, with strict COVID-19 rules and regulations in place.