U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND AOR, Oct. 15, 2020 -- Led by Staff Sgt. Dakota Montgomery, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery training noncommissioned officer, Soldiers from the 75th Field Artillery Brigade trained on convoy procedures Oct. 5, in a desert of the Middle East.Brigade Soldiers are deployed in support of operations Inherent Resolve and Spartan Shield.Before convoy training, Montgomery used the local terrain to create a makeshift sandbox. From this he detailed the intended route the convoy would take and the potential obstacles they might face.During the convoy, Soldiers maintained proper distancing between their vehicles, all while maneuvering through and around difficult terrain features.Soldiers concluded the convoy with an after-action review, bringing up lessons learned and struggles faced to build upon their collective knowledge.“The success of a team is directly related to team cohesion along with compound training starting with the basics,” said Montgomery. “It’s training events such as the one we did today that help ensure the success of each mission.”