Fort Bragg, N.C. – The 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade participated in the annual Warfighter Training Exercise 21, October 2 – 14, on Fort Bragg.The division-wide training exercise is to show realistic and stressful training to battlefield management paratroopers and decision making skills for battalion staffs and above.“We provide all of the logistic support to the 82nd Airborne Division” said Col. Herman Johnson, Commander, 82nd ADSB.“The 82nd ADSB is responsible for all logistics support for the 82nd Airborne Division such as fuel, water, transportation and communications, which are vital to mission success.""It is crucial that we are able to anticipate the need of support because we cannot have our warfighters running far forward without proper logistical support”, said Johnson.The "Provider" brigade consist of two battalions, the 82nd Special Troops Battalion and 189th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. Collectivey these battalions are comprised of d human resources, postal service, signal, financial management support, culinary, water, fuel, parachute riggers, and transportation personnel.The two week training included real-world scenarios which allowed paratroopers to improve their skillsets across the board.“The 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade exist so we can provide world class, on time, on target logistics to the 82nd Airborne Division”, said Johnson.The "Provider" staff work endlessly on a constant 24-hour clock planning, executing and monitoring all missions, tasks and events that took place during WFTX 21.Command Sgt. Maj. David Nelson, Command Sgt. Maj. 82nd ADSB, explains how this annual exercise keep the brigade sharp.“Training like this is important because it allows us to do our core metal tasks as a Sustainment Brigade” said Nelson.“Providers brigade received missions from the 82nd Airborne Division which allows us to start moving logistical support out so we can support the warfighter.”“I’m glad to be out here, glad to be in the army, glad to be in the 82nd Airborne Division and supporting our commander and the American people” said Nelson.The warfighter training exercise concluded, 14 October.