LVIV, Ukraine – Task Force Illini’s early success in command of Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine (JMTG-U) is largely due to good communication between the nations supporting the mission. On Sept. 15 Task Force Illini recognized Canadian Army Capt. Jeremy Remillard for exceptional liaison work.“He was embedded with our exercise support team and scenario development team,” said Lt. Col. Darren Horton, Task Force Illini Operations Group Office in Charge. “The continuity and knowledge Captain Remillard provided helped us get off to an excellent start in those areas.”Horton and the Task Force Illini Operations Group presented Remillard with a plaque and recommended he receive the U.S. Army Commendation Medal.“His familiarization with the processes and products provided a foundation for the Operations Group to build on, which allowed us to successfully transition into our role providing mentorship to Combat Training Center – Yavoriv,” said U.S. Army Capt. Ryan Colmone, an exercise support officer with Task Force Illini.Remillard provided individual instruction and coordinated with his Canadian team members to put on a week-long block of instruction for the Task Force Illini Operations Group.“As the liaison officer, he established a critical link between Task Force Illini and Operation Unifier, the Canadian Forces Operations Group,” said Colmone. “He used his influence to provide contacts at multiple levels to answer questions and resolve issues that arose as we assumed the mission.”Remillard served with Operation Unifier in support of JMTG-U from June to September 2020. Colmone said Remillard’s influence will last well after he returns home to Canada.“He produced a quantitative measurement tool, or ‘cutsheet,’ which will be used to assess Ukrainian units’ preparation and what stage of the planning process they are in before arriving for training at CTC-Y,” said Colmone.Task Force Illini is the command element of Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine, which is responsible for training, advising, and mentoring the Ukrainian cadre at Combat Training Center-Yavoriv, Ukraine in order to improve Armed Forces Ukraine’s training capacity and defense capabilities.