BUFFALO, NY—The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District completed the Buffalo South breakwater construction on August 12, 2020 to repair 625 feet out of the 1,000 foot degraded section.The Corps of Engineers identified the completed 625 feet as the most degraded area to repair based on available funding. Repairs to the remaining reach are dependent upon receiving additional funding.The contractor, Ryba Marine Construction, started construction work July 2019 and ended operation in December 2019 due to winter weather conditions. Ryba Marine resumed work in June 2020 and completed the repair more than a month ahead of schedule."The Buffalo Harbor's south breakwater hasn't seen substantial investment in nearly 70 years and was in great need of repair,” said Rep. Brian Higgins, representative NY 27 district. “This multi-million dollar federal project will serve to protect our vibrant Outer Harbor for decades to come. We are grateful for the commitment of our Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District to get the job done."The 10,200-foot Buffalo South breakwater protects the Buffalo Harbor and nearby dredged sediment confined disposal facilities from deep water wave and ice action. These conditions, along with the age of the structure, have contributed to sections of the south end to breakdown and unravel.“Lake Erie presents some serious challenges – including powerful winds, waves, and ice – that can damage the breakwater and shoreline infrastructure,” said Lt. Col. Eli Adams, USACE Buffalo District commander. “I’m incredibly proud of our Corps of Engineers team for its part in maintaining the south breakwater. Skilled engineers like Frank Lewandowski, Weston Cross, and Reed Vetovitz put a lot of effort into this project. Their work is essential to providing safe navigation within Buffalo Harbor and contributing to the coastal resiliency of nearby property and shoreline infrastructure. With Lake Erie water levels at record highs and storms being stronger and more frequent, it is especially timely that this vital piece of infrastructure is repaired.”The Buffalo District delivers world class engineering solutions to the Great Lakes Region, the Army and the Nation in order to ensure national security, environmental sustainability, water resource management, and emergency assistance during peace and war.To view photos of the Breakwater construction please visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/buffalousace/albums/72157714207624117