REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – Having a single source of contact information for members of AMCOM is an important element of knowledge management.Joyce Myers, AMCOM Secretary of General Staff, along with G6, developed a digital directory for all AMCOM staff, subordinate organizations and depots all the way down to the branch-chief level.The digital directory is an automated phone roster and is a centralized source of usable information.A large number of employees are currently on a telework schedule due to the COVID 19, so having an efficient, user-friendly system should benefit employees.“The directory is a part of our overall knowledge management,” said Myers. “The directory is located on our command information portal [CIP] so that everyone has access to it.”Myers went on to describe the process for building the directory.“Our Knowledge Management Lead, Jordan Alldredge, coordinated with the G6 who built the framework for it and will control the automated piece of the directory,” said Myers. “Then we coordinated via tasker with the content mangers of each organization, who then populated their information in the directory for their individual organizations.”According to Myers, the content managers have permissions to update the information as people change out positions within the command.There is a one-page user guide, which further explains how to navigate the directory.As of August 2020, the directory went live on the CIP. AMCOM employees can access the roster at