“A track record matched by no other AMC or JMC organization.” These were the words used by Col. Gavin J. Gardner, commander of the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command, to describe the performance of Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, Ky., during the recent change of command ceremony. The high praise was a result of BGAD achieving 33 consecutive months of 100 percent Performance-to-Promise (P2P) from October 2017 through June 2020. During this period, monthly customer expectations were delivered on time, to specifications and at or below overall anticipated cost. The JMC Commander also noted BGAD’s 20 consecutive months through June 2020 of 100 percent Perfect Order Fulfillment (POF), praising depot leadership and its workforce for achieving “phenomenal success.”The timeframe for BGAD’s outstanding customer performance correlates directly to Army actions taken during calendar years 2016-17. During that time, the Army redesigned its force generation model with a new sustained focus on Operational Readiness, the capability to conduct full-spectrum military operations and defeat near-peer and/or peer threats regardless of environment. ‘Purpose, Direction and Motivation’ became the new rallying cry as the Army focused on improving its overall strategic readiness by 2020. Today, readiness remains an important Army priority that informs the thinking associated with the Army’s newest priority, people.“Achieving a ready Army is a multi-layered, investment effort, requiring buy-in and action by all organizations,” said the BGAD Commander, Col. Stephen D. Dorris. “In this effort, there is no discounting the importance munition readiness plays in achieving military objectives.” To this end, BGAD provides quality and reliable ammunition, Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE), and Force Provider sets to the joint warfighter to positively impact readiness for the joint force.In speaking to its primary core ammunition mission area, BGAD received high praise for multiple facility and automated equipment upgrades combined with continuous process improvements. Examples include the M1 HE 105mm renovation mission, which led to a significant increase in product throughput – from 400+ rounds to 800+ rounds per day. Production line improvements also increased safety and reduced man hours, making BGAD the premier 105mm renovation/production facility across the JMC enterprise.Modernization has also been a top priority at BGAD with the opening last year of a much-anticipated $13.5 million state-of-the-art consolidated shipping center which transformed and modernized truck and rail in-and-out load operations at BGAD. The result allows for efficient receiving, packing and shipping of non-compatible, combat-configured loads and greater efficiency of operations during all weather conditions.BGAD’s core mission is to ensure America's Joint Warfighters receive quality munitions and material at the right place and the right time.