BAUMHOLDER, Germany - Baumholder has an appointment for an $11 million facelift. That's Baumholder's share of this year's Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization funds that Installation Management Command-Europe officials have released this year.

"This windfall is the first opportunity to play catch up from years of underfunding. Now that Baumholder is enduring, we must repair the buildings and infrastructure so we can continue to provide first-rate support to the customer," said Jerry Walters, director of the Directorate of Public Works.

Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization funds are earmarked specifically for the improvement of buildings such as barracks and libraries as well as street lights, roads and infrastructure. According to IMCOM-Europe officials, this is the first year that garrisons in Europe have ever received 100 percent of their authorized SRM funding.

Baumholder has 22 projects that will benefit from the $11 million. One Baumholder project that has developed high visibility in the community is the renovation of four buildings in the clinic complex.

Work in the clinic complex includes the renovation of two floors in Building 8745, two floors in Building 8743, one floor in Building 8747 and one floor in Building 8744.

ACS to move

When work is completed Army Community Service will move into Building 8745.

Garrison functions that support Soldiers and families will move into the other newly renovated spaces.

The funds for the last two projects on the list will be used to fund an additional project in the clinic complex. The two long hallways that connect all the buildings together will be renovated.

Finally, the garrison is funding a project to patch and paint the exterior of the buildings.

The work includes new electrical, suspended ceiling and lighting, new wall and floor coverings, new toilets, etc.

Another high visibility project is the renovation of the interior of the Rheinlander Club. This building is the centerpiece of the garrison and the interior is old and deteriorating.

The Garrison is adding $650,000 to this project bringing the total for the Rheinlander renovation to $1.9 million.

The ballroom, dining rooms and hallways in the Rheinlander will be renovated with new flooring, wall coverings and lighting.

The hallways, offices and toilets will be renovated with new fixtures and lighting.

The kitchen will be updated with better ventilation, better workflow and new kitchen equipment.

Other Baumholder projects include the renovation of the interior of the three child development centers, replacement of old and leaking heating lines in the 8200 barracks area, repair of the road and parking areas around the garrison theater and an array of energy-saving initiatives.

"In addition to the $11 million, the garrison is receiving an additional $14 million to do renovation work in family housing apartments and other facilities," said Walters.

Other work that the additional funding will cover includes:

A-A A! Replacing the floor and seats in the high school playhouse;

A-A A! Replacing the roof on the post theater;

A-A A! Minor renovations to all of the barracks which were completed while Soldiers were deployed;

A-A A! Major work to repair badly damaged roads on post;

A-A A! Major work to renovate motor pools and headquarters buildings.

"The garrison is working the rewrite of the Master Plan which will help manage the future development of the post," said Walters.