David Horton, Civilian Deputy Executive Director Integrated Logistics Support Center, hosted a virtual town hall from the Detroit Arsenal August 10. The virtual event gave ILSC leadership and employees and opportunity to interact, be updated on current operating situations, and answer any questions.First, Horton thanked the ILSC team for their outstanding resilience in being able to maintain operations in the face of the pandemic and congratulated them on the way they have continued to support the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command mission during these difficult times while teleworking.“I know that everyone is stressed out,” Horton said, “I want to thank you for everything you have done in helping us maintain supply availability, thank you for staying steadfast and completing the mission.”Horton also said that Marion Whicker, Executive Director for the ILSC, was out on a special assignment indefinitely and will return when that project is concluded.He took time to welcome new leadership in key positions within the ILSC to include Jennifer Beffrey as the new Director of Logistics Support Operations and David Coleman as the new Human Resources Director.“Jen comes to us with a vast amount of experience, she has come on board and is doing a fantastic job,” he said, “Dave has been with us awhile in HR, and has gotten a well-deserved promotion.”With the election right around the corner, Horton took the opportunity to remind the workforce about their responsibilities under the Hatch Act.He reminded them of certain considerations within the Hatch Act about political activities during telework operations, specifically that even though individuals are working from home, during their official duty time they are still restricted from engaging in political activities.“I highly recommend civilians and uniform personnel review the Hatch Act and talk with their supervisors if they have any questions,” Horton said, “Consequences can be pretty severe if you break these rules.”He then went on to discuss current readiness within the ILSC, which has met with some unique challenges with the current COVID-19 situation.“All our projects are currently green or amber, this says a lot in our current environment,” he said.COVID-19 is a concern for many employees working for Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, including the ILSC. Brig. Gen. Darren Werner, commanding general TACOM, currently has guidance out on a phased approach for the workforce to return to the Detroit Arsenal.“Everything is conditioned based on coming back to work,” Horton said, “We currently haven’t met the conditions to move to Phase Two. The [general] is currently monitoring the situation and is basing [his decisions] off local conditions."He also reminded civilian supervisors of upcoming Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program scheduled feedback deadlines.The town hall was concluded with a question and answer session with a few HR concerns. The ILSC will continue to hold virtual town halls as needed until it is safer to meet in person.