FORT KNOX, Ky. — Barr Memorial Library’s free Authors at Your Library series returns to Fort Knox in a virtual setting beginning Aug. 20 with the appearance of Joseph Reid.

The virtual visits have been set up to allow readers the opportunity to meet authors in a safe environment while maintaining COVID-19 protocols. Besides, Joseph Reid, authors Bryan Mark Rigg, Phillip Goodrich and Ellen Marie Wiseman will also participate.

Those interested in joining any of the events can email registration requests to



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Joseph Reid, Thursday, Aug. 20, 6 p.m.

Joseph Reid will discuss his latest novel, “Departure.”

“Departure,” “False Horizon and “Takeoff” are part of a thriller series featuring special investigator Seth Walker, an air marshal turned investigator who solves crimes in and around aviation.

The son of a Navy helicopter pilot, Reid chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer who litigates multi-million dollar cases for high-tech companies.


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Bryan Mark Rigg, Thursday, Aug. 27, 6 p.m.

Bryan Mark Rigg discusses his latest novel, Flamethrower: Iwo Jima Medal of Honor Recipient and U.S. Marine Woody Williams and His Controversial Award, Japan’s Holocaust and the Pacific War.

The book focuses on two primary characters: USMC Cpl. Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams, a Medal of Honor recipient; and the Imperial Japanese Army’s Tadamichi Kuribayashi, who commanded Iwo Jima and was said to be one of Japan’s toughest leaders.

Rigg is a former Marine and graduate of Yale University. He is the author of “Hitler's Jewish Soldiers,” “Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent who Fought for the Third Reich” and “The Rabbi Saved by Hitler’s Soldiers: Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and his Astonishing Rescue.” Rigg received the William E. Colby Award for Military History for Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers.


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Phillip Goodrich, Thursday, Sept. 17, 6 p.m.

Phillip Goodrich discusses “Somersett: Or Why and How Benjamin Franklin Orchestrated the American Revolution.”

Everyone knows about the Revolutionary War, but few know the true story of Benjamin Franklin's secret plan to turn the northern and southern colonies against their oppressors, and how the freeing of one slave, Somersett, was the catalyst for the colonies to come together against the Crown.

Goodrich, a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Southern California in medicine, is a practicing general surgeon in suburban Kansas City, Missouri. “Somersett” is his first book.


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Ellen Marie Wiseman, Thursday, September 24, 6 PM

Ellen Marie Wiseman discusses his latest novel, “The Orphan Collector.”

In 1918, as America celebrated the end of World War I, a plague broke out that would brutally take the lives of more people than the war itself. This influenza pandemic – the Spanish Flu – killed more people than any other illness in recorded history. As hospitals overfilled and the sick died in the streets, some blamed the epidemic on immigrants and the poor. One young woman named Pia fights to protect the baby brothers who are all that remain of her family.

Wiseman is the bestselling author of highly acclaimed historical fiction novels, including “What She Left Behind,” “The Plum Tree,” and “The Life She Was Given.” Her novels have been translated into 18 languages and published worldwide.


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