Fort Leavenworth, Kan. - U.S. Army leaders can now save time and easily access proponent approved Platoon Level Tasks and Training & Evaluation Outlines (T&EOs) through the Army Training Network (ATN).The new tool allows Army leaders to focus on platoon level training by automatically displaying platoon tasks associated with the user's unit of assignment.  Alternatively, an easy search feature provides the option to find platoon tasks and T&EOs by unit type.Once a user logs into ATN, simply select the Platoon Task and T&EO Viewer option from the main page (Fig 1). The Platoon Task and T&EO Viewer landing page automatically detects the user’s unit of assignment and displays the associated platoon level tasks from the approved Unit Task List.To view platoon level tasks and T&EOs for other type units simply utilize an easy to use search function (Fig 2).Enter the organization’s Unit Identification Code (UIC), Table of Organization and Equipment (SRC), or search by Proponent & Echelon.Select the desired unit from the list displayed. Once a unit is selected, the platoon tasks are displayed on the right hand side of the viewer.Select the desired platoon task(s) from the list displayed.Select “Print Platoon Task List” to print selected tasks or select “Print Training & Evaluation Outlines” to print associated T&EOs.Finding platoon tasks has never been easier for Army Leaders. The Platoon Task and T&EO Viewer automatically displays platoon tasks associated with the user's unit of assignment and offers an easy search feature. This ultimately helps Army leaders focus training by reducing the time spent searching for tasks specifically written for the platoon echelon. Visit for more information and useful tutorials. Stay safe and healthy as you train to win with ATN.