What is it?This joint operation exercise focuses on rehearsing the rapid deployment and forcible entry capability of the 3-27 FAR’s MLRS/HIMARS launchers combined with the 437th AW’s C-17 Globemaster III creating a ready and lethal strike package.Both of these units certify and train on the following tasks in preparation for future large scale combat operations:-Airload training-Precision fires and artillery raids-Establishment of Battlefield Command and Control-Enhance functional readiness for rapid deployabilityWhat happens?Assigned units will receive an alert to mobilize. Within a 72 hour window:-Both units must assemble their crews, prepare the MLRS/HIMARS and C-17 Globemaster III for joint interoperability.-The HIMARS will be directed, chained and secured in the C-17.-The airload master and crew will inspect the loading positions in order to maintain a proper center of gravity throughout flight.Exercise Scenario:-The C-17 Globemaster III transports the HIMARS and its crews from Pope Airfield to Fort A.P. Hill, Va., simulating a theater environment.-After landing, with engines of the C-17 still running, Airmen and Soldiers off load the HIMARS and its crews.The three-man HIMARS crews head to a designated firing point and within 30 minutes:-Establish ongoing communication with the C-17 and nearby allies.-Receive, validate and input coordinates-Engage the designated targets.Upon completion of the HI-RAIN simulation, the HIMARS crews drive back to the aircraft where the airwing loadmasters have prepared to secure the launchers.Within 15 minutes of return to the aircraft, all personnel and equipment are secured and the aircraft is back enroute to Pope Army Airfield.From beginning to end, Soldiers and Airmen are able to off-load, set up the HIMARS, engage targets, re-secure equipment and extract personnel and equipment in approximately 45 minutes.Why is this important to the Army?The 3-27 FAR (HIMARS) and the 437th AW supports the U.S. Military’s joint interoperability readiness by demonstrating rapid deployability and delivering deep shaping fires to the battlefield.The exercise proved that HIRAIN is a scalable, responsive and viable asset for use by combatant commands in large scale combat operations.Resources:ADRP 3-09 FiresRelated Documents:Army Strategic and Operational ReadinessRelated STAND-TO!:U.S. Army: Ready NowArmy Air and Missile Defense 2028