ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. — In an effort to smoothly transition new employees to Joint Munitions Command during COVID-19, the Human Resource Management Directorate, also known as G1, recently concluded a virtual week-long new employee orientation for two headquarters, JMC employees. The orientation was designed to provide the new employees a broader understanding of how JMC operates and its role within the Army and the Army Materiel Command, the fundamentals of JMC’s ammunition business, and how their position in the Human Resource Management Directorate supports the overall success of the JMC mission.JMC Human Resource Management Director, Norbert Herrera, kicked off the orientation welcoming the new JMC employees. "It is great to welcome you to JMC," said Herrera. "I want to encourage you to continue to take an active interest in professional development and grow while you are here. The true spirit of the organization is you. Thanks for what you do and for serving our Warfighter." Discussions involved gaining a better understanding of the employees’ experiences and providing them with a leadership perspective on JMC’s global reach to support the Warfighter and all of its Department of Defense’s military services.“The JMC virtual orientation was conducted very professionally by the team. It was organized and well thought out for new JMC employees to understand the mission and their role in the mission. The material covered will be used in our daily roles in support of the mission,” said Kela Ganzer, Human Resource Program Specialist.“The JMC and G1 team stepped up to help get the employees on-boarded and all the pieces came together without a hitch. We gave the new employees a scope of information that ranged from AMC's mission, to JMC’s mission, to the G1 mission and the programs we are responsible for,” said Jody Besse, Human Resource Management Specialist. “All the training that was provided was facilitated by internal JMC employees with background and expertise in the subject areas.”"I believe with the current telework environment that we are in, creating a virtual orientation was a great team-building opportunity and hopefully helped our new employees gain a better appreciation for how JMC runs," said Lindsay Dowell, Human Resource Program Specialist. At the conclusion of the orientation on May 15, the employees stated they found the orientation to be a refreshing change from the typical on-boarding for government Civilian jobs.“Having transferred from a different command, it was well-organized and the speakers were very knowledgeable when discussing JMC topics,” said Brian Heritage, JMC Human Resource Specialist. JMC produces small-, medium- and large-caliber ammunition items for the Department of Defense. JMC’s mission is to provide the Joint Force with Ready, Reliable, Lethal Munitions at the Speed of War sustaining global readiness.