94th AAMDC Commander Becomes Flag Officer

By David ChapmanJuly 7, 2020

Col. (P) Mark A. Holler, Commander of the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, was pinned the rank of brigadier general in a ceremony at Palm Circle, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, on July 2, 2020.

In an effort to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Brig. Gen. Holler’s, ceremony was only attended by US Army Pacific leadership and members of the 94th AAMDC.

Gen. Paul J. LaCamera, USARPAC Commanding General, the officiating officer for the ceremony, took the opportunity to share some guidance and advice for the newest flag officer.

“Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for your continued service to defend our nation,” said LaCamera. “It’s a tremendous honor for me to be here to support you and to welcome you into the General Officer Corps.”

“My first challenge to you Mark is to adapt or parrish,” LaCamera stated. “You have to continue to have a growth mindset moving forward.”

“My next challenge is to be a happy general and use your powers for good. For you I would challenge you, this is a tremendous opportunity to continue to serve,” said LaCamera.

Following LaCamera’s remarks, two 94th AAMDC Soldiers were afforded the honor of pinning on Brig. Gen. Holler’s new rank, followed by the uncasing and unfurling of the one-star flag.

Newly pinned Brig. Gen. Holler, then took to the podium to share his thanks to the family and past leadership who have supported and guided his path throughout his career.

“Gen. LaCamera I want to thank you sir for presiding over the ceremony and your words, it means a lot,” Holler said.

“I want to thank Staff Sgt. Hood and Spc. Austin for participating in the ceremony with me in the absence of my family, who could not be here today,” said Holler. “Staff Sgt. Hood and Spc. Austin fastening the brigade general rank on my uniform is a testament that this promotion was made possible by the hard work and success of the junior enlisted and the noncommissioned officers we have the privilege to serve with.”

Holler then turned his attention to those most special to him.

“I want to thank my family, and I’ll start with my mother and I’ll do so proudly,” Holler said. “She used every occasion both good and bad to teach me life lessons to help to form my character and fortify me for this human experience that we all participate in. For in my life she has been my most inspirational leader.”

Holler then shared about his four kids, successful in all of their individual adventures.

“I am super proud of my family and their success inspires me to continue serving as an Army General Officer and to do it to the best of my ability.”