LANDSTUHL, Germany - With a patient empanelment of over 4,200 service members and family members, Kleber Army Health Clinic’s mission is far from small and the efforts of health care professionals reach beyond the clinic’s small footprint.From physicals to mental health assessments, Kleber Army Health Clinic’s role in Soldier readiness is undisputed and essential for Army units in the Rheinland Pfalz region.“We have our main focus and main mission here: to support the joint warfighter,” said Capt. Daniel Halvorson, executive officer, KAHC. “Although we are a primary care medical home, our number one focus is soldier readiness.”Since its inception, Army Medicine has focused on maintaining a medically-ready force. More recently, efforts have shifted to provide medical expertise and capabilities that prevent, identify, and treat health problems to optimize Soldier performance. In keeping with the Army Medicine mission, at any given point the clinic’s empanelment can elevate to hundreds as they provide medical services to non-local units engaged in training exercises for over two weeks in their area of operations.“We do everything readiness related. Hearing booth, immunizations, labs, health assessments, and physicals (including school/sports). Everything we can do to support the joint Warfighter, we do,” said Halvorson.Ancillary services include radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy. The clinic’s ability to see all family members adds not only to the convenience of a medical facility closer to the service member and their family, but also to the synchronized medical efforts for families.“If you know your family is well taken care of medically, you don't have to have any concerns. You're at our clinic, they're at our clinic,” said Halvorson. “If you're deployed, you're more confident we'll be able to do our job and take care of your family. For holistic family care, we really encourage the whole family to be a part of this clinic.”Like most Army medical facilities across Europe, KAHC’s employment of virtual health services during COVID-19 has been instrumental in continuing care for Soldiers and their families.“We’re still serving our patients. But now, probably 65 percent of the appointments are virtual,” said Halvorson.Additionally, screening measures and a dedicated COVID-19 facility was set up for the safety of patients and staff.The staff’s adaptability has impressed clinic leaders and continues despite the current changing environment. For Spc. Jacob Jones, a healthcare specialist at KAHC, the recent COVID-19 response efforts at the clinic have validated not only the importance of the health care clinic, but the importance of each individual team member.“It feels good to be a part of (COVID-19 Operations), kind of doing our part, stopping the spread and educating the patients,” said Jones. “Just keeping everybody safe. Keeping the Healthy People healthy and trying to get sick people back to healthy. We definitely have a huge part in this mission and accomplishing it.”