Chaplain (LTC) Terrell Jones is the 20th CBRNE Command Chaplain. The below article is part of his new series of storytelling to show and tell about the activities and talents Soldiers have been accomplishing while social distancing.The COVID-19 outbreak has created a new normal for society. For many this is a very stressful time and that's why it is important to find outlets to take care of yourself. I have met several soldiers within our formation who are taking the time out to recharge their emotional battery.SPC Meagan Burke, a 20th CBRNE satellite communications systems operator-maintainer, from Jacksonville, Georgia, has served in the Army for almost 3 years. Enigmatologist is the word for what she does during her spare time.That’s right, she loves putting puzzles together in her spare time and has been doing so for as long as she can remember.“Watching all the pieces come together into a bigger picture is relaxing and helps me to think," Burke said.A 2014 study found that putting together puzzles can enhance spatial skills, improve memory, help someone to have better problem-solving skills and improve visual-spatial reasoning. Other studies have shown that doing puzzles can promote memory retention and reduce the likelihood of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. All evidence points to the fact that puzzles give the brain a full-body workout.As she was putting one of her “masterpieces” together Burke told me about why she joined the military. She told me she likes being a part of something greater than herself. As I thought about her words, it made perfect sense. Each of us, are a piece of the puzzle of life; one piece can make a difference, but together, we could change the portrait.