Soldiers serving in U.S. Army Pacific’s area of operations are now authorized to wear the arctic and jungle tabs on their uniforms upon successful completion of the required courses. Eighth Army falls under USARPAC’s AOR and Soldiers can wear the tabs on their Army Operational Combat Pattern uniforms, according to a recent USARPAC memo and authorization from Eighth Army leadership.Like other tabs, the jungle and arctic tab will be worn on the left sleeve of the OCP directly over the unit patch. Soldiers authorized to wear multiple tabs need to place them in order of precedence as prescribed in Army Regulation 670-1.The new policy was approved in February by Gen. Paul LaCamera, USARPAC commander.“Soldiers can attend these schools a few different ways,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Schmidt, Eighth Army’s senior enlisted Soldier. “One example is as part of a retention incentive.”The tabs are not authorized for wear while serving in a temporary duty assignment outside the USARPAC AOR or while serving on deployment, Schmidt added.Originally worn below a Soldier’s unit patch, the arctic tab now rests above the patch, joining other prominent skills tabs such as the Ranger or sapper tabs. The previously rectangular-shaped tab was redesigned last November and now sports the familiar rainbow arc of similar tabs. In order to wear the arctic tab, Soldiers need to graduate from the Northern Warfare Training Center’s Cold Weather Orientation Course or Cold Weather Leaders Course at U.S. Army Alaska’s Black Rapids Training Site. Upon graduating either course, Soldiers are qualified to implement basic, cold weather and ski training programs within their units to help mitigate the unique challenges they face while operating in harsh conditions. The CWLC is a 15-day course where squad- and platoon-level leaders hone the knowledge and skills required to perform small-unit operations in cold, snow-covered terrain. Soldiers learn everything from the basics of standing and moving on skis and snowshoes to a full range of arctic survival skills.The CWOC is a four-day course for commanders and staff officers to become more familiar with the knowledge and skills required in successfully planning and conducting operations in an arctic environment.To wear the jungle tab, Soldiers need to graduate the Jungle Operations Training Course provided by the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The course is open to all military servicemembers with Pacific Command personnel given priority.The JOTC spans 12 days where Soldiers focus on subjects like jungle mobility training, waterborne operations, combat tracking, jungle tactics, survival training and situational training exercises at the squad level. Graduates of JOTC learn tactics, techniques, and procedures required to fight, win, and survive within any tropical jungle environment.For more information on JOTC, visit information on U.S. Army Alaska’s CWOC and CWLC, visit the below links: