Winn Army Community Hospital senior enlisted leader, Sgt. Maj. Quincy Martin helps out a screening station on Fort Stewart March 31 as patients and staff prepare to enter the hospital. –
Winn Army Community Hospital senior enlisted leader, Sgt. Maj. Quincy Martin helps out a screening station on Fort Stewart March 31 as patients and staff prepare to enter the hospital. – (Photo Credit: Spc. Noelle Wiehe) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT STEWART, Ga. – Winn Army Community Hospital continues to evolve services and programs in support of mission readiness for the 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield.

"The intent is to help maintain readiness capabilities while reducing the risk of exposure to our beneficiaries, staff and their Families," said Winn ACH commander Col. Michelle Munroe.

The Army announced in a March 24 press release the plan to increase protection measures to maintain forces ready to deploy worldwide within 18 hours to support national security requirements. Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. James McConville addressed the Army's response to the threat of the coronavirus.

“We are committed to maintaining the Army's fighting strength by reducing the spread of this virus while simultaneously maintaining dynamic force employment capabilities," McConville said.

Supporting that effort, Winn ACH continues to evolve services and programs to support that effort with screening tents, fever clinics, drive-up pharmacy clinic and tele-health appointments.

Screening and Fever Clinics

Col. John Balser, Assistant Deputy Commander, Medical Services, Winn ACH, said screenings stations were set up at each of the entrances to the hospital, Tuttle Army Health Center and Richmond Hill Medical Center.

"They are for the protection for the individuals coming to the hospital and for the protection of the staff," Balser said. "What we’re trying to do is determine who may or may not be ill."

He said screeners check temperatures and ask a number of questions to determine if individuals have an increased risk of exposure - Do you have a high temperature? Have you been somewhere where the COVID-19 virus has been identified? Have you been around anybody that has been identified?

He said they were also setting up fever clinics at Winn ACH, Tuttle Army Health Clinic and the Marne Troop Medical Facility, so individuals who exhibit a fever can be directed there for further care - safely.

Drive-up pharmacy

Social distancing reduces the chance of exposure, so drive-up pharmacies have been established at Tuttle, Winn ACH and the refill Exchange pharmacy. The latter for retirees.

Lt. Col. Tracy Ostrom, helped pioneer the drive-up pharmacy at Tuttle AMC .

"Our mission here at Tuttle has not changed,” Ostrom said. "We still need to provide care to our active-duty population and make sure they are medically ready to deploy and to go downrange for their combat mission.”

But, Ostrom noted they wanted to support that mission of providing quality healthcare while mitigating the spread of coronavirus.

The Tuttle drive-up clinic is open 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for drive-up, drop-off and pick-up service for regular prescriptions.

The entrance is directly across the main AFES gas station next to the baseball field. When you arrive you will be asked if you are dropping off or picking up a prescription. You will then be directed to the appropriate lanes. You can wait in your car for your prescriptions or return once they are ready for pick-up. The fully automated refill system is available at 435-6576 or 1-800-652-9221.

The drive-up Winn Pharmacy on Fort Stewart is located on the southwest side of the building, outside the outpatient pharmacy across from the Bennet Sports Field. You can call ahead to let them know you are dropping off the prescription at 435-6040. After you arrive and they verify your prescription, you can choose to wait, or they’ll text you when it is ready from 435-3509.

The third drive-up pharmacy is for retirees, at building 419 on Fort Stewart, next to the Exchange furniture store. The drop off telephone number is 767-2673. You can again wait in the parking lot, or come back after you receive a text from 767-2672.


Munroe said Winn Army Community Hospital, Tuttle Army Health Clinic and Richmond Hill Medical Home continue to accept appointments for all clinics through their appointment line, 435-6633. But noted the many opportunities through tele-health. She noted with many of the staff teleworking, they were using platforms to help patients get the care they needed, such as Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.