FORT STEWART, Ga. -- Soldiers and leaders of the 92nd Engineer Battalion led a community group tour on Fort Stewart, March 12, allowing roughly 30 residents from The Landings, a Savannah community to spend the day learning about Fort Stewart, the 3rd Infantry Division and the 92nd Engineer Battalion.

The guests learned about the size of Fort Stewart, its history, as well as the history and capabilities of the 3rd ID, through a tour led by Lt. Col. David Dake and Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmy Robles, both a part of the command team for the 92nd Eng. Bn.

Dake and Robles told guests how the division supports major regional commands and disaster response.

Members of the group were interested in the length of deployments, the differences between the Army’s divisions and the evolution of its uniforms over the decades.

They also wanted to know about loud booming noises they hear from their homes at Skidaway Island.

“That is what we call, ‘the sound of freedom,’” Dake said.

Spc. Sean Ginn, a horizontal construction engineer working in the motorpool during the tour and assigned to 92nd Eng. Bn., said it was an honor to share what he does in the Army with the visitors.

“It’s really nice that they want to come out here and that they appreciate the hard work that we put in,” Ginn said.

The group observed marksmanship training at an indoor virtual shooting range. The visitors took their turn firing a simulated M4 carbine toward targets projected on a screen in front of them.

The guests concluded their tour learning about the significance of the Warriors Walk as they walked through the 469 crepe myrtle trees.

Gary Mehes, a resident of The Landings, coordinated the visit to Fort Stewart as part of his community’s New Neighbors program.

“Many of our residents are not originally from this area, so these tours help them in making new friends and to discover what is going on in their new community,” Mehes said.

Retired Maj. Jim Johnson, a resident who participated in the tour, served 20 years in the Air Force as a C-141 pilot and said he was surprised by the size of Fort Stewart. He was also impressed with its hospitality.