ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (March 23, 2020) — Army Futures Command is helping to modernize command posts by developing expeditionary power solutions to enable greater continuity of operations and maneuverability during missions.The Army’s Command Post Integrated Infrastructure, or CPI2, program reduces the command post footprint by incorporating 12 vehicle and shelter command post systems in lieu of large tent-based command posts. This will create a highly mobile and cohesive structure for operations.“Vehicle Integrated Power is the critical linchpin that allows the new expeditionary command post to remain agile while effectively avoiding detection from an equally adept enemy on a congested battlefield,” said CPI2 Product Manager Lt. Col. Rodney G. Bilbrew.AFC’s Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center — known as C5ISR Center — and Ground Vehicle Systems Center are partnering with the Army’s CPI2 program office under the Vehicle Integrated Power project.The goal is to produce power technologies that would be available for systems across command post configurations. CPI2 integrates dozens of C5ISR infrastructure components ranging from network communications and mission-command systems to heating and cooling units, and each component has power demands.This includes allowing units to connect vehicles via plugs similar to those found on consumer electric vehicles, said Elizabeth Ferry, chief of C5ISR Center’s Power Division. The initiative is designed to reduce the Army’s reliance on large, legacy diesel generators.“The goal is for different types of vehicles to interoperate quickly and easily,” Ferry said. “Soldiers need enhanced power capabilities with higher operational availability and an intuitive user interface. The technology we’re delivering will support continuity of operations by enabling vehicles to connect together to create power on-the-move and at-the-halt to meet capability gaps.”Key to this new plug-and-play capability is the Tactical Microgrid Standard, said Michael Gonzalez, C5ISR Center power management team lead. Today there is no standard that assists Soldiers with minimal training to keep expensive and complicated power systems functioning. TMS relieves that burden as it optimizes power systems on vehicles and in between the vehicles when they connect together.In addition, TMS enables interoperability between different vendors’ equipment, thus eliminating the need for proprietary hardware and software. Soldiers can then learn one standard instead of multiple systems.Teams of engineers, technicians and logisticians are designing and retrofitting specialized hardware and software components for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. They are also developing a user dashboard to monitor and control systems, Gonzalez said.“The user dashboard will allow Soldiers who have minimal training in configuration or maintenance of power systems to monitor everything. From a Soldier’s perspective, he will see all relevant data on the dashboard in a quick synopsis with more detail available if he decides to tap further into the controls,” Gonzalez said.C5ISR Center anticipates an operational demonstration of the Vehicle Integrated Power capability for PdM CPI2 in late 2020 or early 2021. Fielding is then planned for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).“Vehicle Integrated Power grants the cloak of obscurity during Multi-Domain Operations by supporting continuity of operations through reducing acoustic signatures and keeping critical mission command systems on the ready,” Bilbrew said.For more information, contact the C5ISR Center Public Affairs Office: usarmy.apg.ccdc-c5isr.mbx.pao@mail.mil.---------The C5ISR Center is the Army’s applied research and advanced technology development center for C5ISR capabilities. As the Army's primary integrator of C5ISR technologies and systems, the center develops and matures capabilities that support all six Army modernization priorities, enabling information dominance and tactical overmatch for the joint warfighter.The C5ISR Center is an element of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. Through collaboration across the command's core technical competencies, CCDC leads in the discovery, development and delivery of the technology-based capabilities required to make Soldiers more lethal to win our nation's wars and come home safely. CCDC is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Futures Command.---------Army Futures Command: https://www.army.mil/futuresArmy Combat Capabilities Development Command: https://www.army.mil/ccdcArmy C5ISR Center: https://c5isr-ccdc.army.milArmy C5ISR Center on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCDC_C5ISRArmy C5ISR Center on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CCDC.C5ISR/