Officials at the Fort Knox Directorate of Emergency Services are asking motorists coming onto the post to expect a minor change in identification card processing.Starting earlier this week, gate guards have been asking drivers traveling with more than just themselves in a vehicle to gather all necessary ID cards from passengers.“We’re no longer going to touch ID cards for now,” said Fort Knox Police Chief Michael Doggett. “What we want is for all the cards to be collected up by the driver, and then the driver will hold them up at the window. The guard will then scan with the hand scanner.”Single occupancy motorists will simply drive up to the pedestal just before the guard booth and scan their ID card barcode under the red beam.The other change to gate procedures only affects motorists who travel through Brandenburg Gate. Beginning March 23, the gate’s outbound traffic-only hours of 3-6 p.m. Monday through Friday will be temporarily halted.“That’s resource intensive, and we’re trying to focus our resources where we need them most,” said Doggett. “A lot of units and organizations are now doing telework, so there are fewer cars going through the gates.”Doggett said they have contingency plans that have already been drafted should further measures need to be taken at the gates, but those plans will not be finalized until necessary. In the meantime, he is urging calm as the fluid situation changes.“Remain calm, and understand that the government is doing everything they can,” said Doggett. “Follow the policies and guidelines from the installation commander, and the state and federal government, and I think everything will be fine.”