Students from Georgia High School High Tech took a tour of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, March 6.GHSHT is a community-based program providing youth with a connection to academic and career development experiences and opportunities. During the tour at HAAF, students learned about opportunities that the military provides."Rather than sitting in class, the students have an opportunity to talk and interact with people in their desired career fields to make a better decision after they complete high school," said Carmen Cates, Georgia High School High Tech program manager. "Often students want to become nurses, Soldiers, doctors or a pilot, but they do not always understand what that fully entails. This program introduces people in those particular fields to the students, so they can make a better educated decision on their futures."The GHSHT program tour consisted of students from Effingham County High School and South Effingham High School.The tour consisted of a question and answer session with members of HAAF's garrison team, a walk-through of the U. S. Coast Guard hanger, lunch at the HAAF dining facility, and then the day's events concluded with a tour of the Georgia National Guard hanger.During the question and answer session with Command Sgt. Major Tremayne Robbins, HAAF Garrison's senior enlisted leader and 1st Lt. Eve Sampson, an engineer for HAAF Garrison, students asked questions about basic training and the opportunities that the military offers.One student asked if a person has to go to college before he or she joins the Army."A lot of kids feel pressure to go to college right after high school," said Sampson. "The Army allows you to start your career, and if college is something you would want to pursue down the road, the Army has programs in place where you can attain a college degree while still serving in the Army."After the question and answer session, the students went to the U.S. Coast Guard hanger, where Lt. Sam Pemberton, an assistant aeronautical engineer and Lt. Laura Hills, an H-65 Dolphin helicopter pilot, spoke to the students about the opportunities that the Coast Guard can offer. This stop concluded with the students getting to sit inside of the H-65 Dolphin helicopter.Following the stop at the U.S. Coast Guard hanger, the students ate lunch with Soldiers at the HAAF dining facility then toured the Georgia National Guard hanger.At the Georgia National Guard hanger, Chief Warrant Officer 2 David Blomberg, a CH-47F helicopter pilot and safety officer, spoke to the students about the CH-47F helicopter and its capabilities. Afterwards, Blomberg showed the students inside of a CH-47F helicopter.Cates said GHSHT is a program focused on providing students opportunities to aid them in making decisions for future endeavors through interactions with career fields that students are interested in.Expanding on GHSHT's goal of educating and informing students, HAAF's senior enlisted advisor, Command Sgt. Major Robbins, said, "If you stick with your path, your opportunities are endless."