FORT MEADE, Md. - A unique Kentucky National Guard unit has returned from the Washington, D.C., area after spending the last year conducting cyberspace operations in support of U.S. Cyber Command.The 13-member unit is a part of the 175th Cyber Protection Team, which consists of Soldiers from Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky. They joined other states in rounding out an organization called Task Force Echo."These Soldiers have a skill set that is unique to the Guard and one that they excel in due to both their military and civilian experience," said Col. Douglas Clay, 75th Troop Command brigade commander. "This new warfighting domain is one that we're still trying to wrap our heads around, and I'm proud to say our Soldiers are at the tip of the spear. We couldn't have deployed a stronger group of Soldiers for such a vital mission."The 175th CPT was formed in 2016, drawing Soldiers with skills and technical backgrounds from their civilian jobs. Many of these Soldiers study and work in cyber, computer science, information technology and engineering careers for companies in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Team members completed numerous training programs to prepare for the deployment.Back in Kentucky, these Soldiers will continue to provide support by training future team members and preparing for missions under state authorities.