The cold, drizzly Tuesday evening weather didn't keep Fort Leonard Wood's on-post housing residents away from free tacos Feb. 25 at Stonegate Community Center.The Taco Tuesday event was put on by Balfour Beatty Communities, Fort Leonard Wood's housing partner, as a way to help bring housing residents together and communicate in an informal setting, said Community Manager Jason Williams."What we're doing is getting a community chat together," he said. "We're bringing people out together to meet each other and also talk about things that they would like for us to improve."About 50 housing resident families attended the event, and Williams said he had the opportunity to hear many positives as well as concerns residents have."We've gotten some good comments about the activities that we do and how they would like more of these to bring residents closer," Williams said.Sgt. Morgan Young, from the 595th Engineer Company, brought his wife, Victoria, and two daughters to Taco Tuesday. He said that although he's lived in Fort Leonard Wood's housing just four months, he's happy with the community atmosphere being built.He said he's also happy he can eat all the tacos he wants at Taco Tuesday."I'm glad it's unlimited," he said.Williams said Taco Tuesday was just the first of these types of events to come."We're going to do this on a monthly basis," he said. "Next month, we're going to have frito pies at Woodlands Community Center."Related LinksManeuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood TwitterManeuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood FacebookManeuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard WoodFort Leonard Wood GUIDON Newspaper