Each time customers use a garrison service, they have the opportunity to provide feedback on their level of satisfaction.The Interactive Customer Evaluation is a way for U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community members to communicate directly with service providers and have any issues addressed.Customers are encouraged to fill out an ICE comment each time they use a service, said Tracey Morse, USAG Wiesbaden ICE site administrator."Every visit into a service provider is an opportunity to provide feedback, even if they were just there the day prior," Morse said. "Perhaps they had a great experience the first time, yet not as enjoyable the next, or vice versa."After using a service, a customer can fill out an ICE comment card on location or fill the form out online by going to ice.disa.mil and searching USAG Wiesbaden or going to the ICE link at the bottom of the garrison website, home.army.mil/wiesbaden.ICE light cards are also available at some USAG Wiesbaden services. These are much shorter than filling out the entire form but still important for helping leaders understand where attention is needed, Morse said. ICE boxes are checked every couple of days and details are entered into the ICE system exactly as they are written. ICE comments filled out online go directly into the system and, therefore, receive a faster response.No ICE comment goes unseen, Morse said. Each submission is read and acknowledged by the service provider manager - a designated person in charge of ICE comments for a particular service or directorate.The service provider manager then must follow up with the customer within three U.S. business days if a response was requested. If no response was requested by the customer, the manager has five days to close out the ICE comment in the system for internal tracking purposes. ICE comments for tenant units, such as the Commissary, Exchange, clinics and schools, go to their respective service provider managers. Every month and every quarter, Morse provides a report to the garrison commander on garrison service providers' performance.One recent change motivated by a high volume of ICE comments was to keep the re-use portion of the Recycling Center open under volunteer management, after it was announced it would close due to staffing shortages.Using the ICE system allows better engagement between customers and service providers, Morse said. It enables customers to be honest and encourages service providers to change and grow and provide better service to the community as a whole."We want to hear the bad, but we also want to hear the good," she said. "Positive reinforcement helps good behaviors continue. Positive, negative, neutral -- we want to hear it all."